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Helping decision makers in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry effectively manage assets and product compliance data.

4 of the 5 largest CPG companies use Sphera.

The CPG industry is highly competitive. Companies require efficient operations and supply chains to deliver quality products on time. Plant shutdowns or product recalls have significant negative impact on reputations, financials and the ability to operate. Sphera can propel you on to the path of Operational Excellence. Our solutions help navigate expanding regulations and higher consumer demand for more sustainable products. Sphera solutions help transform disparate and incomplete MRO materials data with our global, multi-language standard designed specifically for clasifying MRO items.

We have the Solutions to Increase Consistency, Improve Execution and Reduce Risks

Sphera Solutions helped British Sugar see a 60% fall in injuries and recorded a 75% drop in RIDDOR accidents.

Areas of Excellence with Sphera

Our solutions enable you to seamlessly manage your product compliance data and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) materials data. We provide dynamic managed regulatory content that is monitored, consistently analyzed and updated by our team of experienced domain and industry experts. This information is systematically updated and delivered into our software.

Adapt to a Fluid Marketplace

  • Efficiently manage the complexity of designing and rolling out product to multiple markets and seamlessly adapt to continuous changes in regulations.

Keep Your Products Safe

  • Automate the production of compliant Safety Data Sheets and labels globally. Quickly identify substances of concern in your products.

Achieve Operational Efficiency

  • Increase maintenance and operations efficiency by standardizing MRO master data and processes and enable proactive maintenance initiatives.

Hear from our Customers

“Strategically we are more focused and we’re getting far more benefit from the way the time is spent. It has made the business more efficient.”

“Our goal was to build an MRO database as we moved into SAP and with the minimum number of records, and with the greatest level of consistency and accuracy. With that achieved, all users in the company will save a few seconds and minutes here and there, collectively saving hundreds of hours.”

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