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Every commercial and governmental organization that uses hazardous materials must deal with complex environmental regulations for the acquisition, handling, and disposal of materials and waste such as EPCRA, RCRA, and OSHA/GHS. Compliance and handling costs are significant—in some instances up to ten times the purchase price of the chemical. The opportunity for bottom-line cost savings through optimized inventory management and waste and risk mitigation is considerable, but can be difficult in a market where fragmented solutions arose around specific functional areas.

Keeping Personnel Safe While Minimizing Risk and Costs

Using Sphera’s HMMS Solutions Eglin AFB achieved 100% compliance with applicable government, military and industry standards

Optimized Inventory Controls

Inventory control represents one of the most significant opportunities to reduce material-management costs, improve personnel safety, and assure regulatory compliance. With HMMS, organizations can create and implement user-defined rules that optimize inventory controls throughout the entire lifecycle of a product.

Improved Management of Hazardous Materials

Accurately tracking and managing hazardous waste is key to reducing expenditures and complying with federal and state regulations. Our solution addresses the technical, logistical, personnel and reporting aspects of managing hazardous materials.

Integrated Reporting and Analytics

Improve visibility into the impact and risks of your EHS activities, and monitor procedures to assure efficient operation and compliance.

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Steward the Safe Handling of Materials at your Facilities

Sphera can help you.

Maintain a repository of GHS compliant SDS and Product records

These valuable records can be distributed easily and shared with your team members. The SDS module provides feature rich functionality such as version control, embedded PDFs, dashboards, and web distribution.

Support a workflow process to approve and plan for incoming materials

This allows personnel to review products for less expensive, greener, and more effective items as well as ensure personnel are properly trained for the storage and usage of the incoming product.

Gain complete visibility over each and every container brought into a facility

Improve visibility by barcoding, serializing, and labeling inbound inventory items. You can ensure that correct material quantity and inventory levels are maintained at every facility. Avoid quantity shortages that cause extended, costly, production stoppages, or overages that lead to waste due to padded expiration dates.

Track materials through their full lifecycle, from acquisition to final destination

You will be able to account for treatment, storage, waste, and disposal at each facility, including recycles and landfills. Additionally, you can generate detailed cost-projection, obligation, and line-item reports to improve financial status and control over contracts, manifests, and billing.

Maintain compliance with ever-changing local, state, and federal mandates

With HMMS you can reduce reporting costs with built-in, one-click reports, including:

  • EPCRA Tier II
  • RCRA Hazardous Waste Report (Biennial Report)
  • EPCRA Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Worksheet
  • Material Expiration Monitoring
  • Waste Storage reports
  • Chemical List reports (usage and/or storage)

The integrated reporting tool also includes the ability to create custom ad-hoc or site-specific reports

Adopt a flexible deployment model

Our software offerings grant a high degree of flexibility that enables configurability to allow or restrict data sharing. HMMS is compatible with various operating system platforms

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"Our goal is 100 percent compliance with local, state, federal and Air Force requirements, and we are successfully meeting that goal. We feel we have made our environmental management system into the best in the U.S. Air Force.”

“With the HMMS system we’ve eliminated non-conformances down to zero on [waste] identification and labeling, and inventory management.”

“Making purchase and inventory decisions based on accurate data led to a 19 percent year-over-year decrease in containers wasted.”

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