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80% of quality errors are repeat mistakes that can be avoided.

Manufacturers must manage quality and reliability throughout multiple areas of the enterprise: new product design, assembly, testing, product assurance, supply chain management, logistics and customer service. As margins shrink and competition grows there is increased pressure on manufacturers to compete and execute without generating costly mistakes and losing first-to-market gains. For more than a decade, Sphera has provided software solutions that enable manufacturers to reduce operational complexities to lower costs and risks, and achieve operational excellence for EHS performance.

Adopt a Proactive Approach to Risk Management

Excellence in design and manufacturing drives your investment in continuous improvement in your products and processes. Sphera can help you.
Sphera’s solutions help enable organizations to unify all facets of the organization across multiple phases of the quality lifecycle. Shared quality specifications link each step of the quality lifecycle through shared terminology, critical characteristic management, process controls and recommendation management. This enables continual product improvement, improved response time, reduced scrap and rework, elimination of downtime and overall faster time-to-market.

Act Decisively

Reduce Silos

A common quality framework across your organization ensures that everyone is speaking the same quality language, helps develop a unified quality culture and ensures that you are always aware of the risks that can impact your business.

Standardize Quality Assessments

Integrate your Risk Management Processes and raise quality processes. The manufacturing industry has driven industry standardization in the quality systems used across the supply chain for product quality, reliability and safety. Stature is a platform for innovative, integrated, and intelligent quality risk management, providing organizations with the ability to understand quality issues and lower costs, improve safety and drive service delivery.

Let Us Help You

See It, Measure It, Improve It

Manufacturing companies use Sphera to:

Facilitate the discovery and removal of risk exposures resulting in organizational loss

Provide site-lnterprise-level views of performance

Streamline environmental compliance

Companies need to adopt rapidly growing local national and global environmental regulations and standards. Sphera provides support for recordkeeping, monitoring, testing and reporting for compliance at a single facility or across a multi-jurisdictional enterprise.

Integrate Quality Management Processes

Sphera has platforms for innovative, integrated, and intelligent quality and risk management, providing manufacturers with the ability to understand and mitigate risks and lower costs, improve quality and drive service delivery.

Create remedies, for pro-active and reactive situations

Sphera’s solutions facilitate the assessment of corrective actions

Tracks incidents, investigations and responsibilities

Champion Enerncy

Companicovering that managing GHG emissions also offers opportunities to cut costs by reducing electric use.

Develop GHG Strategy

Sphera helps business operations conduct forecasting and analysis to optimize financial performance against a growing number of market-based compliance standards that regard carbon as an asset or liability.

Drive Quality Culture

Using Sphera solutions you can develop a consistent framework for quality management across your operations and embed quality risk management and governance into your culture.

Sphera’s solutions helped companies:

Centralize 18,000+ risk assessments such as DFMEAs, PFMEA, and Control Plans

Reduce FMEA workload by a ratio of 27:1 to save time and ensure standardization

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