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Mitigate and Monitor Risks

Improve global competitiveness and operate with sustainable development in mind.

Helping decision makers at metals and mining companies ensure compliance, mitigate operational risk and drive operational excellence.

60 of top 100 global metals and mining companies use Sphera solutions for continuous improvement of core work processes.

A major requirement in today’s global mining business is the operating principal of ‘Sustainable Development’ which requires a 100% focus on managing risks that may pose a threat to the operation, the employees or the community. The ability to understand where your risks are and what is being done about them is vital to understanding your overall risk profile and improving operating margins.

Boost Operational Performance

Best-in-class mining companies are using the current market shifts to justify further investment in their Operational Excellence programs. Aim to improve your operational efficiency with standard business processes and disciplined process execution.

Act Decisively

Effective operational excellence & risk management with Sphera solutions allows senior leadership, stakeholders and program management to make better decisions with more accurate information.

Gain Critical Risk and Environmental Performance Visibility

Sphera empowers mining companies with information to identify critical emissions, safety risks, events, hazards, key performance indicators or trends in order to conduct efficient business planning and more effectively protect employees and the environment.

Reduce Silos

A common operational risk framework across your departments and sites ensures that everyone is speaking the same operational risk language, helps develop a unified risk culture and ensures that you are always aware of the risks that can impact safety and the public.

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Areas of Excellence with Sphera's Solutions

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Worker Health & Safety

Prevent or mitigate costly workplace accidents with streamlined incident management. Improved information management supports uniform and consistent execution of safety policies and procedures and timely identification of accident trends, enabling companies to reach zero-harm objectives.

Risk & Accountability

Sphera solutions improves accountability of enterprise and operational risk management initiatives through:

  • Timely data entry
  • Easy-to-use tools for responding to issues and recommendations
  • Automated notifications, reminders and approvals
  • Improved communications of measures and responsibilities across all units and levels of the organization

Learning & Knowledge Gathering

Sphera Solutions helps you manage your initiatives to closure, and to share lessons learned through state-of-the-art software instead of paper-based and verbal systems. Sphera solutions enables real-time Accessibility to: Risk Assessments, Environmental performance investigations, Assessments and audits, Behavioral observations, Meetings and training topics. Collaborate over corrective actions, open issues and findings

Regulatory Compliance

Simplify compliance with rapidly growing local, national and global environmental regulations and standards. Organizations need recordkeeping, monitoring, testing and reporting for compliance at a single facility or across a multi-jurisdictional enterprise.

Developing GHG Strategy

Analyze how market-driven compliance mandates will impact your company's operations. Companies need to produce market forecasts and analysis to optimize financial performance against market-based compliance standards, as carbon is, or soon will be, regarded as an asset or liability.

Risk management frameworks

Drive Risk Culture – Using Sphera solutions you can develop a consistent framework for risk management across your products and embed quality risk management and governance into your culture.

Sphera’s solutions helped

Speed up reporting by up to 99%

Replace 100’s of spreadsheets with 1 global risk management information system

Reduce time to roll up enterprise risk data into a report, from an estimate 2 hours to 2 minutes!

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