Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas

We're helping Oil & Gas companies maintain best-in-class utilization rates to drive sustainable operational efficiency.

Move beyond a dated compliance-only software approach to one that combines both compliance and risk performance prediction functionality.

Achieve greater operational excellence through innovative software, real-time information services, and expert insights.

Sphera helps Oil & Gas companies embrace operational excellence standards helping reduce costly downtime and failures, and improve asset reliability and availability.

Achieve greater operational productivity by streamlining complex risk and compliance requirements

With more than 30 years of experience in deploying Integrated Risk Management solutions across the largest and most complicated Oil & Gas operations; Sphera software solutions combines cutting-edge best practices that underpin critical core elements of integrated risk management helping O&G executives with analytics to help prioritize the right investments to manage risk, reduce cost, and improve operational performance.

's Solutions:

1 Million Users

2,500 Customers

70 Countries

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Sphera helps Oil & Gas Manage Risk, Reduce Cost and Improve Operational Performance like no other vendor

Innovative Software

Sphera software solutions can manage your entire compliance and risk management requirements. Sphera’s portfolio of risk-based software solutions provides operators with visibility into leading indicators of risk performance. Our software goes beyond the dated compliance-only software approach of yesteryear to one that combines both compliance and risk performance prediction functionality.

Information Services

Equipped with the largest and most up to date source of regulatory content so that when regulatory conditions change, your operators are equipped with the most recent information to avoid hefty fines, and/or unplanned downtime. In addition, with over 3,000 global deployments, Sphera has developed custom workflows and templates tailored by industry.


Provides predictive insights into both adoption and complexity of your risk portfolio in order to prescribe improve actions to further adoption, reduce risks and achieve greater operational excellence.

Sphera's solutions helped

Maintain compliance with 3,482 environmental permits and proliferating regulatory requirements at multiple sites

Track over 66,000 compliance actions in a single year with a compliance rate of 99.5% and an ontime completion rate of 99.9%

Manage EHS compliance information management for 918 company facilities across North America

Handling Operational Risk Effectively

There’s a reason 10 out of the Top 10 Oil & Gas companies use Sphera solutions

Best-in-class Oil & Gas operations are using the current market shifts to justify further investment in their Operational Excellence programs. They are focusing their attention on increasing the value of their asset base by improving operational efficiency with standard business processes and disciplined process execution.

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“Our ability to capture quality data and generate critical analysis and reporting using Sphera’s software helps us highlight the company’s outstanding incident management metrics to the investor community… Chevron’s documented leadership in operational excellence has given us a real competitive edge.”

“Now we can get a modified permit approved within a day with Sphera’s solutions. Some of our peer operators have actually asked us, ‘How did you get that done so fast? We’ve been working on this for three weeks and we still don’t have a package ready to submit.”

“This project will help us simplify our risk management processes so we can be more efficient about ensuring compliance and continuously improve our operations. We knew that using an integrated Sphera risk management information system was a step in the right direction.”

We're providing solutions to the world's biggest brands.

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