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Mitigate risks and keep your operations running smoothly to power up millions of lives

Helping decision-makers in the power and utilities industry navigate government regulations and develop successful strategies.

9 of the 10 largest energy companies use Sphera to improve the consistency and measurement of operational risk.

Power and utility companies are pressured to keep up with rapidly changing business environments due to increasing regulatory requirements, lower operating margins and aging technology, workforce and equipment. Additionally, limited risk visibility, disparate systems, poor process execution, and a lack of organizational knowledge share can leave your organization exposed to significant risks.

We have the Solutions to Drive Your Success

Our solution helps organizations better manage risk programs across the enterprise. It connects your organizational knowledge, integrates your processes and empowers your people with the right tools to meet your risk reduction goals.

Improve Regulatory Compliance

Conform with policies, procedures, standards and regulations. Comply with regulatory mandates across the globe, like those from ISO, IEC, EU, OSHA, EPA, COMAH, AS/NZS, ABSA, MSHA, Seveso II, SAE, EMA, FDA and others.

Manage Risk Enterprise-wide

Identify, assess, manage and mitigate risks throughout your enterprise. Minimize environmental impacts while maximizing efficiency.

Achieve Operational Efficiency

Improve asset reliability and availability, and eliminate downtime while ensuring process safety and a safe work environment to reduce major events.

Let Us Help You

Sphera's solutions helped:

Replaced 20 redundant systems and 100’s of spreadsheets with 1 enterprise EMIS to enable centralized compliance tracking of 80,000+ tasks for 200+ environmental permits

Established 250 hourly checks for potential compliance deviations, each with automatic notifications, and processed 35,000+ tasks for 32 task groups at 800+ production units and maintained over 600 waste profiles on file and tracked all manifests for shipments

Created one unified, centralized Environmental Management information system for 180+ users, eliminated or partially replaced 43% of legacy checklists, forms and managed over 5,000 compliance tasks

Areas of Excellence with Sphera's Solutions

Sphera can help you achieve success with:


Strengthen and improve risk assessment processes including: Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), Management of Change (MOC), Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Security & Vulnerability Analysis (SVA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), and Bowtie Analysis.

Management of Change

Reduce change complexity with best practices for initiation, evaluation, approval and start-up of change management processes.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations

Leverage proven methodologies, software, content and expertise for achieving MRO Supply Chain Excellence. Enable proactive maintenance initiatives to prevent asset failures and worker injuries.

Incident Management

Capture, track, investigate, report and analyze incidents and near-miss events, and also control operational risks, improve safety performance and sustain learning.

Emissions Management

Consolidate environmental reporting practices into a single solution and manage the full spectrum of emissions, waste and water discharges.

Hear from our Customers

“The EMIS assures everyone that compliance tasks are getting done and that the data is correct.”

“With Sphera Essential Suite, we have more complete information and documentation – all in one place, easy to find – for compliance and operational improvements.”

“We’re always striving to be more proactive than reactive. By implementing the EMIS, we’ve freed up resources and are providing the information that people need to start looking ahead, to see how we can continuously improve our operations.”

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