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Make a change that gets business results and high user adoption

Software projects come in many shapes and sizes and understanding how to fit a new solution into your existing landscape can be daunting. Sphera has implemented hundreds of successful solutions in all different industries over the years and have experts that can help you from project inception through to sustainment services. Our experts start by interviewing all stakeholders to understand the detailed challenges and expectations that exist throughout the business. With this information and the expertise that comes from years of experience implementing solutions, we help build a business case and implementation plan to make sure your business sets the right expectations required to achieve the business outcome.

Understand How to Get The Results You Need

Sphera has experts that wiu create plans based upon the combination of your needs and industry best practices. Although we bring knowledge of market place standards, we also make sure that your solution encompasses the uniqueness of your culture, your organization and the resources that you bring to bear. This ensures that you are implementing the latest thought leadership in a way that is comfortable for your business to adopt – not just shoved into place to fill a short term project goal. Below are just a couple of ways to engage Sphera to help with your planning process.

A complete view of the project requires not only understanding the software features and functions, but how your business will best use those to achieve results.

Scoping & Solution Definition Services

Our Industry Solution experts can help create a detailed project plan that bounds the project to meet your immediate needs, provide estimates of how much time will be needed from your workforce and detail the types of activities that will drive the desired results. Our experts can guide you through creation of a detailed implementation plan to internally describe and sell the project at all levels and functions within your organization.

Operational Excellence Journey Mapping

Our Operational Excellence Journey Mapping services offer a deeper assessment of where your organization is in their management systems (processes, people and technology) to ensure a path up the Operational Excellence maturity curve. Each Journey Map is packed with information compiled by our team by exploring multiple areas including user experience, mobility, system integration and platform transformation and more.

Solution Optimization Services

Solution Optimization Services helps current Sphera customers get the most out of their deployment of Sphera’s solutions. Our team provides suggestions and recommendations for optimizing the implementation to ensure further end-user adoption and optimal business process enablement using Sphera’s solution capabilities. Deep dive technical assessments of the implementation or ‘heath checks’ are also a service undertaken by our team to ensure solution optimization.

Many Different Variables Affect the Scope of a Software Implementation Project



Data Preparation

Depth of Functionality

Team Location




Deployment Strategy


  • Resources
  • Standards
  • Data Preparation
  • Depth of Functionality
  • Team Location
  • Integration
  • Process
  • Training
  • Deployment Strategy
  • Languages

Our experts help ensure well defined implementation strategies

Sphera experts are uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive planning, execution and support for your solution. Our experience and expertise, coupled with detailed knowledge of our product roadmap, facilitates a project that will not only exceed the expectations of traditional project metrics like scope, schedule, and budget, but ensure that the solution is adopted and sustained for years after the project is complete.

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