Sphera Acquires MRO Cloud Software Company SparesFinder

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Delivering greater value to our customers

The acquisition of SparesFinder is reflective of our commitment to delivering ever greater value to our customers, and by extension also our global partners. It represents another step forward in making good on our mission to help keep people safe, products sustainable and operations productive.

This serves to expand Sphera’s portfolio of cloud-based applications, enhance Sphera’s breadth of health and safety software solutions and services, and further increase Sphera’s global presence. Independent and in aggregate, these represent significant, tangible benefits for our organization and colleagues around the globe.

Advancing Operational Excellence through Integrated Risk Management

As a recognized leader in the MRO market, sparesFinder’s technology strengthens Sphera’s Operational Risk software portfolio. Sphera now has the unique ability to offer customers the optimal flexibility—with both on-premise and cloud-based software options for maintaining accurate, accessible and reliable MRO master data to improve operational performance.

This acquisition benefits Sphera and its customers by:

Expanding Sphera’s portfolio of cloud-based applications

The adoption of cloud-based, software solutions continues to grow, which offers benefits from both a functional and total-cost-of-ownership perspective. As the industry leader in Integrated Risk Management, we believe it is critical to continue innovating and expanding our world-class, on-premise products while also expanding our portfolio of cloud-based solutions. This is designed to provide customers with the ultimate in flexibility in managing their MRO master data.

Enhancing Sphera’s breadth of MRO software solutions and services

SparesFinder is a recognized brand in the MRO market. They provide a robust suite of cloud-based software solutions used by organizations to build and maintain accurate, accessible and reliable spare parts data.

Increasing Sphera’s global presence

Sphera maintains a strong global footprint, and the addition of sparesFinder accelerates Sphera’s international growth and market presence. Further, sparesFinder’s strong presence in EMEA will help Sphera continue to cement its leadership in this growing marketplace.

Sphera is the largest global provider of Operational Excellence software and information services with a focus on Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S), Operational Risk and Product Stewardship. For more than 30 years Sphera has been committed to creating a safer, more sustainable and productive world by advancing operational excellence. We help our clients optimize workflows, and navigate the complex and dynamic global regulatory environment.

More on the organization and leadership can be found at: sphera.com/about-us >

SparesFinder was founded in 1998 and has since become the world’s foremost software company for helping spares-reliant businesses reduce costs, improve operational effectiveness and increase revenue through standardizing, enriching, governing, finding, and leveraging their MRO and material master data.

SparesFinder software solutions empowers clients to improve their operational effectiveness while enabling them to consume fewer capital and natural resources as they deliver their products.They meet this objective by providing clients with a cloud-based software platform and supporting services that allow them to standardize, govern, enrich, find and leverage their MRO and material master data across multiple business systems and in multiple languages.

More information about the organization and its leadership can be found at: www.sparesfinder.com >